Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Heidelberg, Germany

After traveling for over 14 hours on a plane that carried me across the ocean and two continents, walking was just what I needed!  The smells, and sounds, and colors were so refreshing.  I felt at times like I had taken a step back in time (in a good way), then, other areas that I saw in Germany, were very modern.  Germany is a country that has managed to hold to very traditional values.  Evidence of this can be seen in the way they care for the land, the purity of the food, the lifestyle that so many live-seen especially on Sundays, and the sustainability of individual communities -seen in local markets, bakeries, and shops. They place value on the history that has taken place there and you can see remnants of it everywhere.  We have some wisdom to learn from Europe.


 Bikes are everywhere! Residents get around on foot, on bicycle, or in very small cars on narrow roadways.

Fresh produce and flowers are around every corner.

People leisurely spend time over a meal or drink to chat.

  On our way up to Schloss Castle, overlooking Heidelberg.

The castle property was grand!  This is only a small section of it.  
Everything there, even everyday ordinary things, are very ornate and almost magical. 

I got in some much needed best friend time.  This was the purpose of my trip.  
The Air Force took her away from me, and while I am grateful for FaceTime and iMessage, 
they just can't compare to face to face, and real physical hugs.

 This is her with her daughter and me with my daughter at the entrance to the castle.  To the right is my daughter and I in front of one of the 'small' wine barrels.  Legend has it that one of the kings who lived there, drank only wine.  When he had his first drink of water, he died immediately because of the shock to his system.

This is overlooking Heidelberg from the castle.  You can see the church steeple to the left.  
Every village in Germany has one. 

Spring came to Germany earlier than it did to Kansas.  They had a very mild winter, 
so every thing was blooming.  It was wonderful to see color again!

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